The Author

Christel Jensen has written three Norwegian crafts books. Since 1997 she has been working in 1:12 scale miniatures and received the IGMA Artisan Member status in 2006 for her excellent work in miniature food.
The author makes all the mice, their stubs, the food and other miniatures in the book. In fact all are created in the tiny dollhouse 1:12 scale. It is made to look as real as possible and with amazing details in every picture.

From her foreword in the book The Minimice in The Garden of Lace:

As a child I spent many hours with my grandparents. In the summertime we went to an island just outside Bergen called Askoey. I have so many great memories from this place. I often found myself playing around in the nature nearby our cottage and believed that there was this magical place for the little animals. I created little places with twigs and rocks and let my imagination run wild. It never stopped. Suddenly as an adult the fantasy seems to still trigger and The Minimice was born. A journey that has taken me many years to fulfill.