How to make The Minimice
now available

A crafts book in 38 pages with detailed step by step pictures.

The softcover book is available from Amazon. Just search for the author, Christel Jensen, or ISBN 9788293383031.



From the book:

During the process of making the book "The Minimice in The Garden of Lace" I got a lot of questions if I could make mice for sale. This might sound silly, but I find it hard to part with a soulmate. I feel I make personalities. During the sculpting process something happens. I make "life" to a character. I do however share all my techniques in this book so you can make your own little family to love.
This is a book on how I make The Minimice. It's by all means not a sculpting book on anatomical correct mice, just my artistic approach to it. I hope you will like it and make your own little personalities...


This is how the book How to make The Minimice is starting. If you are inspired by the book The Minimice in The Garden of Lace, you may wonder how the enchanting little mice are created or want to make your own mice family. Learn how to make cute little dollhouse mice with personalities. Made with wire bodies and sculpted with polymer clay. It's not complicated, just use the step by step pictures in the book.

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