The Minimice in The Garden of Lace
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From the book:

Have you ever wondered? If there is another world behind the world you live in? In the forest, in the garden? In the imaginary world things like that exist. It's as clear and visual as a sunny day. If you dare to see it…
Have you ever looked closely on the bark on the trees, the textures? The lines and thought behind it. What if there were tiny mice living in those trees, hollowed and made into rooms for them to live in. Snuggled up by the fire in the winter months. Collecting nuts and berries in the summer months to use for colder days. Baking and cooking in their cozy kitchens. What if…

In a country far up north where the winters were hard and the summers were mild, a colony of mice lived in a garden just like that...


This is how the amazing book The Minimice in The Garden of Lace is starting. A group of mice called The Minimice have found the perfect spot to live their lives. Far up north in an abanoned garden they play and cook. Make the cutest stubs to live in and just live life to its fullest. They have a joyful including way of thinking and they share their little stories with you. They also have some wonderful recipes for you to try. This book is perfect for adults and children together. Read the stories, watch the pictures and cook the recipes. You will surely love their little world and personalities. Step into their world where things are a little cuter, more kind, and just a slower way of living.

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